Welcome to the world of natural gardens!

 I am planning natural gardens: Dr.Simone Kilian, Schmitten im Hochtaunuskreis, mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., mobil: 0177-6443460

Pictures of my projects can be found in the menue.

wildflower Tulipa linifoliaWould you like to learn more about natural gardening? Do you want to design a few pots on the entrance path, a balcony or even a garden or larger area with native wild plants?

I am happy to offer you individual advice, sustainable planning, supervision during realization and guidance on care.

Gardening with native wild plants gives us the chance to bring the diversity of life close enough to experience, enjoy and support it. People, wild flowers and wild animals live together in newly designed garden rooms. Here we have the chance to get to know the life of insects like the wild bees for example. Everyone can help support biodiversity: each square meter counts.

Every gardener finds his own touch in the selection of natural garden elements so that he feels comfortable in his garden and can use it as he wishes. Near-natural sites in urban areas are usable and playable despite and precisely because of their biodiversity. What we observe and get to know on them, we can show to others and together contribute to its protection.

biodiversity Cercopis vulnerata
Not only our living environment, but also our settlement area as a whole can become close to nature with paths, roadsides, driveways and squares. Lawns can be sustainably transformed into living meadows or attractive flowerbeds with native wild plants. Let us make public green spaces and company grounds more colourful and create NatureExperienceRooms (NER) for us and our children and our employees.

Natural garden elements create habitats, e.g. as:

Potted gardens, balcony greenery, overgrown paths, places to relax, driveways to linger in, wild plant beds, wild shrub hedges, borders, dry stone walls, pergolas with shrubs, flower meadows, wetlands (where rainwater can seep away on the property), deadwood elements, stone ensembles, species protection facilities such as lizard castles, nesting elements e.g. for wild bees such as free ground spots, insect hotels and more.

Let yourself in for the experience of nature. Experience the constant change.

'Nature provides the best proof that life goes on: germinating, budding, growing, fading and blossoming again'. (Paul Wilson)