Just imagine you would like to have a natural garden.  How could I support you?  Here you can find a short description of a typical project and the basic principles of my work. 

Simone Kilian, compost
A typical project plan 

Depending on the size and the type of project I am offering support along the following steps:

  1. Visite your piece of land and share ideas about natural gardening  
  2. Offer a lecture, a guided tour, or an ideas´ workshop
  3. Measure the garden, design a colored plan
  4. Plan elements in detail and help with the acquisition of plants and seeds
  5. Supervise the realization together with users (participatory construction site) and building firms.
  6. Instruct users on the maintenance during the first years after construction

In general, I would support projects within 25 km from my home town.


Simone Kilian, sowing of wildflowers for seam in the shadePrinciples

When planning natural gardens, I will be using native wild plants and seeds from certified Bio Nurseries and specialized seed producing companies, regional ecologically harmless materials, and techniques based on decades of experience of the Naturgarten e.V. (Nature-garden-association) www.naturgarten.org

  • Where applicable: native wild flowers
  • Where applicable: Bio products (Bioland)
  • Where applicable: easy-care and sustainable
  • Where applicable: natural materials
  • No poison
  • No turf
  • No chemical fertilizer
  • No materials which require a long transport